Kotti has all the features you would expect from a modern CMS. No less, but also no more – the Kotti core only includes what you need in every project and leaves additional features to add-on products. These are easy to create and already exist for the most common needs.


Editors add content in a natural way, adding new sections and pages easily.

Flexible editing

A rich text editor offers the expected set of controls for text styling and formatting of lists and tables.

Responsive design

A modern layout system is used to assure that page content looks great on desktop and mobile.


The look & feel can be modified using a variety of popular website templating systems such as Chameleon and Mako.


A user and permissions management is intuitive and scales to fit the requirements of larger organizations.


The user interface is fully translatable. Unicode is used everywhere to store data.


Kotti works with any database supported by SQLAlchemy, including SQLite, MySQL, and postgresQL.


Kotti is written in the industry-standard language Python, using a pragmatic modern style that facilitates customization.