The Kotti core only includes what you need in every project and leaves additional features to add-on products. These are easy to create and already exist for the most common needs.

Addons maintained by the Kotti community

A full list of addons maintained by the community can be found on Github.


This is an extension that allows you to add calendars with events to your Kotti site. It uses the FullCalendar jQuery plugin to display calendars. Events can be either pulled from Google calendar XML feeds or added in Kotti itself.

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kotti_media uses MediaElementJS for video and audio views and thus supports native HTML5 playback on all platforms that support this. Each video can have multiple formats (MP4 (.h264 baseline profile), WebM, Ogg/Theora) to achieve this goal. For audio, supported formats include mp3 and wav. For older Platforms MediaElementJS includes a Adobe Flash / MS Silverlight plugin fallback, so that every resopurce can be played on every platform if all supported formats are uploaded.

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Contact form

This is an extension that allows to add a simple contact form to your site.all supported formats are uploaded.

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Addons maintained by third party authors

Because addon creation is so easy, there are also addons by third party authors. Usually you can find them on the Python Package Index (PyPI) and they are named kotti_.

Full list of add-ons on PyPI